How to get perfect abs

Summer is around the corner and we all want to wear our Sixpack either in the pool or on the beach, but what do we need to know in order to have them? Well, I present to you my friend’s SACRIFICE and CONSTANCY that accompanied by a good diet are our best allies.

How to get perfect abs

The abdomen is constructed 70% in the diet and 30% training. So if your goal is to mark them we have to know what foods to avoid and how to work them.

You do not have to eat:

  • FRITS AND REBOZADOS: What if a chick crispy or a few fingers of mozzarella NO! all these foods are soaked in oil.
  • PASTELERIA OR BALLERINA: Contains large amounts of sugar, saturated fat and that taste that makes you delirious, are total enemies of your body.
  • MAYONESA: In case you did not know mayonnaise is the sauce with more caloric load, almost 80% fat, even mayonnaise light and that to have that healthier presentation should only have 30% less than the original recipe.
  • CHOCOLATE OR GOLOSINAS: The main ingredient in sugar, with just a bite, shoot our glucose into the clouds and only to counteract this need large amounts of insulin that will convert simple carbohydrates into fat.
  • SALAD APPETIZERS: Potato chips, popcorn. In addition to those nuts that come loaded with salt.
  • CHICKEN OR SAUSAGE FOOD: We already know the lack of nutrients they have and the saturated fats they contain, being also the most popular sausage enhancers.

Now, these are the enemies of your sixpack. However, there is the erroneous belief that to have a defined abdomen is necessary to work daily doing thousands of abdominals, when in reality the abdominal muscles are very small and the only thing we would do is wear it, or the same problem happens with the technique, by performing the exercise incorrectly, everything comes to the floor.

Among the main exercises that will help you at the moment is the abdominal crunch being the most effective. The movements are very varied but you should always keep this in mind:

  • Do not form the lumbar
  • Stop if you feel strong back pain.
  • Maintain abdominal tension throughout the journey, this way you will see how your performance increases.

Remember that great achievements require a lot of effort. Trust in you, have discipline and you can wear this summer your body 10.0 dreamed. ANIMATE!

Updated: April 12, 2019 — 7:11 am